His Castilian Hawk (The Castilian Saga #1)


During Edward I’s rule, war is constant. At the moment, their main enemy is the Welsh. Robert Fitz-Stephen slaughters a man and boy who charge at him, not realizing they are allies. As a result, he is forced to take the daughter of the man he just slaughtered as his wife. Eleanor is young, but wise beyond her years. Robert doesn’t see her worth and brings another woman with him to their home. Edith is determined to see Robert’s marriage fail. War takes Robert from home quite often, but at times Eleanor gets to go with him. He soon realizes she is both beautiful on the inside and the outside, but she also speaks her mind... even in front of the King. Between Edith and the constant warfare with the Welsh, danger is always looming. 

Welcome to the court of Edward I, full of political intrigue and war! The historical detail is on point in this novel! Plus, it is always exciting to meet real-life historical characters like Edward I and Eleanor of Castile. One of the best parts of the historical detail is its investigation of both sides of the war, and what is right and wrong in war. It really gets emotional and shows the real terror of wartime. The characters are not the strong point of the story. Edith is a horrible villain, her whole plot isn’t believable. Not to mention both Eleanor and Robert are weak. Robert refuses to discard Edith, even when Eleanor’s life is threatened, and Eleanor forgives him constantly. Without that unnecessary drama, this book is a delight! English history fanatics will not be able to get enough!

Amanda Hupe