The Highlander's Tempestuous Bride (The Highlander's Bride #3)


MEDIEVAL:  Gilda Macrory, while trespassing on Macraig land, encounters a young man by the name of Ryan who captures her heart. When she discovers Ryan is not only from her clan’s sworn enemy but is also the son of Laird Macraig, her dreams are shattered. Neither her father nor Laird Macraig will sanction a marriage between them. However, Gilda can’t forget the young man who stole her heart, and Ryan can’t let go of his need to be with Gilda. With the connection between them strong, Ryan and Gilda risk all to be together. Nevertheless, the bad blood between the clans and raiding pirates threaten everything, even their love for each other.


This third installment in the Highlander's Bride series, which takes place in the late thirteen hundreds in the Scottish Highlands, stands alone. With an interesting plot, this historical romance starts a bit slow in the beginning but quickly speeds up with plenty of action scenes. The heroine is outspoken, displaying a lot more mettle than was permitted from women during that era, and the feud between the clans tends to become the focus for the events that take place even though it interweaves smoothly with the romance. However, the author’s skillful use of Scottish phrases and brogue draws the reader and enmeshes one in a story that is intriguing as well as captivating. With engaging and likeable characters, a plot that moves smoothly, and a story line rich in history, this enthralling tale will appeal to readers of many genres.  


Janna Shay