The Highlander & The Queen’s Sacrifice (The Queen’s Highlanders Book 1)


Every good queen needs a sacrificial lamb, someone who will place their life secondary to hers. For Queen Elizabeth, this person is Margaret Darby. Maggie spends her days running tests on clothing the queen will soon wear including putting them on herself and risking her own life to make sure no ill will befall Elizabeth. When Highlander Kerr Gordon shows up with a gift for the queen in the form of a pair of gloves, Maggie soon discovers that the gloves have been tampered with and may have cost the queen her life had they been given directly to her. Maggie can hardly believe that Kerr would have done this and begins to investigate. They must work together to find the traitors and uncover an even bigger plot than they could have ever imagined. 

A story of treason, sacrifice, and love of country is encapsulated in this sweet story of two people from conflicting countries falling in love. With Kerr just outrightly professing his desires, Maggie must look deep inside herself to discover what it is she really needs and wants in her life. The personalities of Maggie’s family just leap off the pages with excitement and detail, yet others seem lacking, even when they have a large role in the plot. The shocking ending seems a bit far-fetched. Though the tale is a bit predictable, there is still a great story with mystery and intrigue around every corner. Regardless of the few shortcomings, this book will leave the reader with pleasant thoughts and looking forward to the next in the series.

Marie Sanderson