Highlander Entangled: A Scottish Historical Romance


Lady Kristina MacQueen has suffered more at the hands of Highland chief Blackburn MacCromar than she can ever express in words. Not only has he scarred her for her life, he has now kidnapped her for a journey across the Highlands to flush out her sister, Anna – who has been forced by Blackburn to wed him – not only does Kristina have to deal with Blackburn himself, but also with his second-in-command, Red Holme. 

In comes Colin Cameron, warrior and future chief, who is determined to rescue Kristina and bring her back to safety. Kristina feels drawn toward Colin, but she doesn’t expect he will return the same feelings. Colin too, feels drawn toward Kristina, and the more time they spend together, the more he fears he might be falling in love with her. But if they want to be together, they’ll have to defeat their enemies first… 

Romantic, intriguing, with a solid background story and a heroine who, despite her disabilities, is still strong and capable. The love interest Colin, rather than being a typical alpha-male hero, also has a lot of different characteristics that make him even more appealing. He’s protective but not controlling, and most of all he’s sweet and kind. The writing is excellent, but the characterization is what really makes this book shine!

Majanka Verstraete