Reviews - Historical

From Cairo with Love
Nancy Campbell

Valentine Baker grew up with all brothers. She finds solace in letters from her female cousin in Italy, and the two have the camaraderie of sisters. When her cousin's mother-in-law is in need of a companion to Cairo, Valentine is happy to accompany her. Mr. Maxwell is a renowned fighter, assigned to watch over the women.

The Demon Duke

As a young child, Damon Blackbourn had strange physical tendencies, thought by his father to be the works of the Devil. When repeated beatings do not bring them under control, he is banished to Yorkshire for the rest of his life.

Widow Jo Wilson tries to keep her late husband’s bathhouse afloat amid malicious rumors that her establishment is a brothel. Owen Sterling travels to Fraser Springs to find out the truth. The last thing he expects is to be attracted to Mrs. Wilson.

MEDIEVAL:  Gaetan de Wolfe heads the Duke of Normandy’s Anges de Guerre. During the Battle of Hastings, the Welsh take one of Gaetan's men prisoner. Gaetan vows to get his man back and finds a surprising ally in the enemy, Ghislaine of Mercia. Ghislaine is triumphant when she bags herself a prisoner of war,  but when her brother steals that same prisoner Ghislaine’s anger knows no bounds.

Lies and Letters

Charlotte Lyon’s mother raised her to ruthlessly pursue a titled, wealthy husband — and to crush any competition in the process.  As a result, she’s a mean-spirited person and has never known love. When her family is financially ruined, she and her younger sister Clara are exiled to Craster, a town in icy Northumberland.