Reviews - Historical

Jenny Sutton leaves Virginia for New York without telling her love, Andrew Wentworth, after she receives word that her father has been gravely wounded. Even though there is a high risk of danger, she must go to him. When she arrives, her father passes away but she also discovers that he was in league with a spy network for the Patriots.

Godfrey, Viscount Thorncastle, is at his wit’s end. He has sent a post to the widowed Lady Elise Lancaster asking her to marry him, but he has not heard a word from her in reply. When she visits him he attempts to discuss it, but the torch he has carried for more than two decades causes him to botch things up terribly.

The Bride Price

During her first London season, Emily is unwillingly caught up in the arms of Lord Winthrop, Viscount Marbley. Although she is fighting to get away from him and his kisses, they are seen and a gossip spreads the news throughout the ball. Her reputation in ruins, Emily's father sends her away from London, telling her a husband is waiting for her at home and she will be married shortly.

The Lady’s Legacy

Known as ‘Flightly’ for her quick wit and nimble feet, Francis Headley may have just the tools needed to reunite the infamous Hestia Wrist with her long-lost son. But “lost” is just what Rhys Caradec wishes to be. Having no interest in his parents’ feud, the painter wanders where inspiration draws him. When Flightly finally finds him, their attraction is immediate and undeniable.

Anne is only eleven years old when she inherits the Duchy of Brittany. Born to rule, Anne has no intention of marrying anyone less than a ruler himself. However, Brittany is threatened by war on all sides and in 1488, more than one suitor would claim the lovely Anne and all her fertile lands for themselves, including Charles VIII of France.