Reviews - Historical

Lady Autumn is on her way back from Scotland when her boat must make an unscheduled docking due to bad weather. While there, she is kidnapped by men of the feared Lord Ravenscar who is rumored to be a beast of a man and is feared by all. Lord Benedict Grenfell took over the identity of Lord Ravenscar when the real Lord fell ill and died.

Eyes of the Seer

Astrid barely looks at Marcan, though he has been in love with her for years. She sees him as her brother, King Diarmuid’s, best friend. She dreams of marrying Padraig and uniting the two clans to please her mother. After Padraig nearly rapes her, Astrid starts looking at Marcan in a new light. As she remembers the kind things he has done for her, she realizes she’s in love with him.

It is 1249 and Scotland is torn. Western Scotland is allied with King Haakon of Norway, while the remainder of Scotland is unified under the Scottish King Alexander II. Hanna’s Norse village of Hallstein is razed by Scottish marauders and everything she holds dear is lost to her in a single night.

Despite being a poverty-stricken, Marquis, Lord Tamar is viewed as an amiable painter, if a bit eccentric, rather than wicked. Enter Lady Serena who lights up his world when she is banished to her home estate after growing tired of London’s stuffy etiquette.

Lady Winter is not the average noblewoman. She is highly skilled as a blacksmith and helps her old friend Wallace, since he is going blind. He must complete a sword for a man who holds his son captive. When the knight named Sir Martin de Grey inquires about her, she pretends to be Wallace’s daughter. Martin needs this sword to take down his enemies and free his brother.