The Highlander’s Woman (The Reckless Rockwoods #3)


PARANORMAL:  Julian MacTavish’s promise to a friend has led him to lying to his wife Patience. Her already fragile self-esteem takes a beating when those lies, helped along by a viperous woman, make it seem as if Julian has cheated on her. On the verge of reconciliation, their relationship takes another hit when Patience is scarred in a fire. Wanting his love and not his pity, Patience sends Julian away, but tragedy strikes again when Julian is in accident on the way to his Scottish home and he loses his sight. Patience rushes to his side, but can they work through all of the deception and pain they have caused each other? Does time truly heal all wounds or is it love?


Late 19th century England and Scotland come to vibrant life under the skillful writing of Monica Burns. While the world is easy to picture in one’s mind, it’s the depth of her characters that pull a reader in and refuses to let go. Julian and Patience may have love in spades, but the quickness of their courtship and marriage have left little time for learning more about each other, and this lack of knowledge is the blight on an otherwise beautiful pairing. Fingernails suffer and one’s heart aches while reading about their marital stumbling blocks, but hope reigns supreme. The book ending at 83% (the remainder contains previews and other info) and some editing issues are the only blots on this otherwise attention grabbing, heart wrenching tale. Forged through fire, darkness, pain and misunderstandings, this is one historical romance not to be missed!


Carol Conley