The Highlander’s Reluctant Bride


In 1377 Scotland, Laird Macrory of Scaurness Castle is in such poor health that he writes to the King for help in defending his castle until such a time as his son and heir returns from fighting the French. Despite everything, his daughter Lady Caitriona knows about running her clan. Many of the men wont follow a woman and with the location of the castle of great importance to the King, he sends her distant cousin Lord Ranald Scott to secure the castle and marry Caitriona in the event the Laird dies before his son can be found. Its been many years since she and Ranald knew each other as children and they didnt get along well at all. How is Caitriona going to take this news? And with mutiny brewing in clan Macrory, will they accept having a new laird they dont even know?


MacRaes beautiful writing flows easily across pages brimming with historical detailing, the lilting dialogue and rich descriptions of Scaurness and the surrounding land, really putting the reader right in the thick of Scotland. The feelings of frustration, tension, distrust and budding attraction are felt intensely by the reader. One is also shown how an important holding such as Scaurness can be fought over and how it takes a strong laird, and united forces to hold against neighbors coveting the place for themselves, not only against direct attack from without, but sneaky traitorous attacks from within. With the exception of a few minor character personality deviations this story is riveting from beginning to end!


Carol Conley