The Highlander’s Norse Bride, a Novella (book 4)

Cathy and
DD MacRae

It is 1249 and Scotland is torn. Western Scotland is allied with King Haakon of Norway, while the remainder of Scotland is unified under the Scottish King Alexander II. Hanna’s Norse village of Hallstein is razed by Scottish marauders and everything she holds dear is lost to her in a single night. Managing to escape from her captors, she runs for her life in an attempt to reach Castle MacLean to unleash her vengeance on the Scottish family. The unsuspecting Laird, Alex, gladly accepts Hanna into his household and soon the widower is enamored of her. He cares not that she is Norse. His daughter, five-year-old Gillian, falls in love with Hanna and is determined that Hanna will marry her father.

“The Highlander’s Norse Bride” is a delightfully written tale of loss, renewal, and acceptance in war torn Scotland. Alex is a strong hero, who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, even if it means going against the prejudice of his people by marrying a Norse woman. Hanna is equally strong but buys into the belief that Scots should only marry Scots. The sexual tension between the two is delicious! History plays a major role in this story and the authors have done their research well. The notes at the end are a nice touch. The pacing was perfect and the story arc satisfying. A refreshing novella that delivers action, romance, and poignant moments leaves the reader clamoring for more!

Belinda Wilson