Highlander’s Hope (Legacy of Mist Clans: Book IV)


Connell and Mairi leave MacGrigor Castle to elude the Scottish and English mercenaries hunting them and their infant ward, the bastard offspring of the newly crowned King Edward II. As they settle and make a new home in Edinburgh under the guise of a blacksmith and his family, Mairi’s loving attentions and the spirit of the Christmas season give Connell hope for a new life. However, when Connell lets his guard down and begins to open his heart, a new threat closes in. He finds that he has to fight harder than ever before for the one precious gift he only now realizes he ever truly wanted - a second chance at life and love.


This fourth installment in the Legacy of the Mist Clans series, which takes place in the thirteenth-century highlands, is a unique story of survival in the midst of blooming romance. Readers might feel that the overabundance of scenic description at the beginning of the book presents itself as telling rather than letting one discover the conditions of the world in which Connell and Mairi fight for their lives. The central roles develop into solid characters, but the specifics of the reasons for their flight are not detailed enough to give a true sense of believability. While it can be read as a stand- alone book, novice readers may find the pacing difficult and hard to follow, while more seasoned readers can overlook the issues to appreciate the underlying story’s goal. History buffs, as well as historical romance readers, will appreciate Ms. Loch’s highly polished illustration of life in thirteenth century Edinburgh.

Roberta Gordon