Highlander’s Hope


Two years ago, Ewan McTavish, the Viscount Sethwick, attended a wedding reception, danced with a charming young woman, and lost his heart.  A traitor and an inheritance bring them together again.  The War Office assigns Laird Ewan McTavish, a specialized agent, to discover the war criminal responsible for selling secrets to the French.  This pursuit leads Ewan to the woman he’s determined to claim and protect, but Miss Yvette Stapleton does not want compromising situations dictating the man she weds.   As an heiress fleeing a criminal, Yvette demands a sincere courtship based on love.

The roles are reversed in Collette Cameron’s regency romance, making it (refreshingly!) love at first sight for the Hero.  War Office agent Ewan McTavish uses extraordinary means to safeguard heiress Yvette Stapleton.   His devotion and familiarity toward Yvette are evident from the onset.   However, it assumes the reader needs little background to accept the infatuation on Ewan’s behalf.   Alternately, Yvette’s romantic feelings toward Ewan resolve at a steady and pleasing pace.   Readers may appreciate Yvette’s rational approach to misunderstandings and exposing her emotions.   The search for the war criminal was a passive sub-plot.   The unsubstantial villains lacked credibility and didn’t generate tension with their incongruous behavior.   The story’s charm grew once the Hero and heroine gained a solid romantic foundation, making "Highlander’s Hope" an imperfect yet pleasing historical romance.


Anna Fitzgerald