The Highlander’s Destiny (Highland Rogues Book 2)


Cora Mackenzie has been labeled everything from unbridled to a spitfire for her strong will and refusal to follow tradition and expectations. As the sister to the laird of her clan, it means she must secure an alliance between her family and another clan - through marriage. Unfortunately, Cora’s betrothed has yet to even write to her, and she is already twenty-two years old. Washed downriver by an intense storm, Faolan finds her cursing and taunting the storm like a siren in the night. Cora has no choice but to follow him back to his stronghold if she wants to survive the snowy nightfall. But just who is Faolan McKay, and will Cora’s innocence be kept intact until morning? 

Mary Wine’s use of Scottish accents and small details transports one to a time of lairds, stronghold towers, and fated love. Readers will smile at the stubbornness of both Cora and Faolan, and the spirited banter keeping them coming back for more. Watching Cora navigate from childish whims to the awareness of her desires is intriguing as the sexual tension builds until almost bursting. While the overall storyline is not unique, it does take some exciting turns that were not expected, but definitely welcome. The author’s delivery of the character’s integrity and personalities are weaved so strongly throughout the story that it makes one want Faolan to walk away with the girl. A delightful romp in the Scottish Highlands from the start, it’s definitely one fans of this genre won’t want to miss! 

Marie Sanderson