The Highlander’s Demand – Highland Rogues, Book 1


Rhedyn Lindsey, eldest daughter of Laird Lindsey, is well aware of her duty to submit to a marriage that will bring about an alliance with a more powerful clan. Her father has set his sights on the Clan Munro; however, a clash with Clan Mackenzie causes a kink in his plans. Buchanan Mackenzie, new laird to his clan, finds himself taking Rhedyn hostage to keep from killing her father as vengeance for the death of his younger half-brother who was killed while raiding on another clan’s land. Will Rhedyn be able to deny her attraction and use her wits to escape? Will Buchanan be able to withstand his men’s thirst for revenge as he finds himself more and more intrigued by his beautiful hostage? 

“The Highlander’s Demand” is a pleasant romantic tale filled with rugged highlander men and brave highlander women.  Readers may not be surprised by the familiar plot of the captive falling for her captor.  However, the predictable storyline is made enjoyable by the antics of the secondary characters.  The modern-day sensibilities found in this medieval story are handled with a nice touch of believability. The witty dialogue helps to move the story forward and gives the characters a unique voice not usually displayed in highlander romances. The villains exhibit the right amount of despicableness to compel dislike from readers. One won’t find it hard to root for Rhedyn and Buchanan’s love affair or to cheer on the exploits of his sisters. Ms. Wine’s fans will not be disappointed with the strong female characters, the entertaining love scenes, and the interesting antics that give this love story a unique twist.

Tonya Mathenia