The Highlander’s Captive (Highland Rogues Book #3)


Rolfe Munro just lost the only woman he wanted to marry and with his father, Laird Munro, close to death, he’s being pressured to find a wife to bear an heir, as a duty to his clan. What Rolfe doesn’t expect is that the chase of his cousin, Seath Leslie, will be the key to finding his future bride. Seath is after Annis, a widowed English woman with bastard royal blood. Everyone wants this widow as their prize, but Annis just wants to be free of Scottish men. Once Rolfe and Annis set eyes upon one another, their views on freedom, marriage, and love may just change for the better.

Ms. Wine’s novel is what one would call the ideal time machine—a story full of enchanting, delicious details that pull readers into the pages like they’re really living in the past with the Munro, Duncan, and Leslie clans! Action never stops in “The Highlander’s Captive”, which keeps one reeled into the conflict as the protagonists push to solve new obstacles at every turn. A reader might get whiplash from the constant change in point of views between the three clans; however, there is a clear separation when a new scene starts, which makes it easier to comprehend and continues to build the readers’ anticipation for the next scene. The author delicately creates a “slow burn” between Rolfe and Annis, so their love doesn’t feel too rushed or forced. Even the resolution ties up all the loose ends for this couple and sets up the next story for a side character. This drool-worthy story is captivating and romantic for all readers.

Austen Grace