Highland Troth (Highland Talents #3)


While still a child, Caitrin Fletcher was sent from her home to foster with the Lathan Clan.  Heartbroken and hiding a gift for discerning lies, Caitrin must fit in at all costs.  This she does by attaching herself to the Laird’s young son, Toran, and his cousin Jamie.  Both boys are convinced she is nothing but a bother but still allow her to run, play, fight and shoot right along with them... until tragedy strikes and Caitrin is abruptly sent home.


Years later the Lathans are asked to provide protection for Caitrin as she travels to meet her betrothed.  Jamie is assigned the duty, but will he be able to watch the one girl who has never left his mind marry another man?  As Caitrin’s strange gift manifests itself, the danger to both her and the clans grows deadly - but how does one follow their heart when so many lives are at stake?


Scottish romance at its best!  Ms. Blair has expertly woven a story that is both light and romantic while still trickling danger and suspense in such perfect amounts as to keep the reader turning those pages!  The conflict is real and believable, as are the obstacles that threaten.  A few of the characters like the MacGregor seem a bit clichéd and two dimensional but with just a touch of Caitrin’s gift, readers will find themselves biting their nails, cheering for good and sighing when all ends well!


Ruth Lynn Ritter