Highland Storm (Guardians of Scotland Series) Book 2


PARANORMAL:  In days of old, upon the harsh landscape of Scotland, the last of the Dragonkine exist in secret. Vicious in battle with magic in their blood, they can make grown men shudder in fear, but one look from a bonnie lass and their hearts and scales soften. There be dragons in the souls of the men of “Highland Storm”. 


Conall Hamilton is one of the few survivors of an ancient race. For five years he’s loved a fiery redhead named Effie, but the memory of losing his first wife and child haunts him. Just as he decides to make an honest woman of Effie, she is lured home and into a deadly game of lies and deceit. 


Ms. Zak’s attention grabbing novel with distinct characters and creative scene building will impress historical and paranormal fans. The plot is not new, but with the focus remaining on Effie and Conall, readers will be entertained. Ms. Zak’s writing style has a buoyant tone, but unexpected POV shifts cause a ripple in the flow. The secondary characters have their own storylines woven into the main arc. Effie’s brother is pure evil and earns every cringe and gasp. There’s a hole or two in the plot which may raise an eyebrow. Using ‘oot’ and ‘dinnae’ keep the reader in place, but historical fans may wrinkle their noses at the contemporary words which slip into the dialogue. Still, “Highland Storm” stands out for its excellent pace, well-defined, sexy warriors and extremely likeable female characters. There are answers yet to be revealed in this truly fun series!

Natasza Waters