Highland Steel (Guardians of the Stone #2)

Tanya Anne

With Kind David attempting to maneuver the highland lords into submission, Lael of the dun Scoti Clan is determined to resist. Taking up her sword to fight beside Broc Ceannfhionn Lael and her clan attempt to claim Keppenach keep before King Henry’s chosen warrior can claim it, only to fail and land themselves at the gallows. Fortunately, Jaime Steorling, The Butcher, doesn’t stomach hanging women and saves Lael and Broc at the last moment only to find himself caught in David’s machinations. Ordered to marry one another Lael and Jaime must either fight or build on the attraction they have for one another even while enemies threaten them on all sides.


A passionate highlander romance, Ms. Crosby has written a tale so engrossing the reader will immediately search out the rest of her books just to make the enjoyment last a bit longer! Lael and Jaime challenge one another and those around them. Lael is no wilting miss to be protected and Jaime is a perfect hero - a little bit of Alpha, a little bit of bad boy, and a little touch of knight in shining armor. The villains are hate-worthy and the descriptions - particularly what happens with the previous lord’s mistress - are both shocking and yet fitting to the tale. While it is best to read the previous book first, “Highland Steel” will not only steal a reader’s sleep but leave them daydreaming about the next book!


Sarah E. Bradley