Highland Spirit (The Highland Chronicles Book 2)


On her wedding day, Alana Chisolm must choose between the man she loves and saving her family. By turning her back on Ethan MacKeefe, she seals her fate. Five years later, she and her family are little more than prisoners in a broken-down castle, forced to help a smuggling ring. When Ethan lands on the island haunted by memories from the past, he never dreams of finding Alana, the girl who ripped his heart out. Despite their past, she still gets under his skin. However, Alana has secrets—too many secrets—and a daughter to boot. Ethan is determined to find out what Alana is hiding. It will not be easy, what with ghosts, a Templar treasure and a dastardly villain. Yet, more than anything, Ethan wants to reclaim the family that should have been his. Will Alana give him her trust and the second chance they both desire?

"Highland Spirit" offers an entertaining adventure in the Scottish Highlands! While it is not until nearly a third of the book before Ethan and Alana interact, the numerous twists and turns and the fact that each is in the other protagonist's thoughts will keep readers hooked from page to page. The dialogue is filled with Scottish brogue, so when a more modern pattern of speech appears it stands out. Ethan and Alana's relationship also seems more modern than would be expected in Medieval Scotland. Nonetheless, the banter between Ethan and his friend is sharp and witty, and the mystery of a Templar treasure arouses the reader's curiosity. "Highland Sprit" is an enjoyable, light romantic adventure that will transport readers to the rich history of Scotland and offer them a satisfying happily ever after!

Tricia Hill