Highland Solution


Possession of an abundant dowry and bonny appearance hasn’t brought suitors to Lady Katherine Ruthven’s Lowland castle or spared her from her uncle’s cruelty.  When presented with the choice of entering a convent or marrying Niall MacIan, Katherine chooses the Highland laird.  Their unexpectedly passionate wedding kiss seems promising, but Niall has experienced a woman’s duplicity.  Highland raids, treacherous whispers, and a suspicious heart – all these factors could lead to misery.  Who could have guessed falling in love would be the easy part?  


A Highland laird flustered by his lady, love and acceptance craved by a gutsy woman who refuses to be beaten down blend with humorous and touching moments to make “Highland Solution” a sweet historical romance. Katherine's kindhearted nature is carefully balanced with her maturity and determination, effectively avoiding the pitfalls of creating a gullible heroine.  She bravely rises to the occasion, uses her clever mind and earns respect.  On the other hand, Niall MacIan has obvious issues with women, adding questionable qualities to this hero.  At times, the predictability of his issues - how they are exploited – strains one’s ability to suspend disbelief and totally embrace his character.  Niall’s character flaws cause a particular secondary character to outshine him, but he finds alternate ways to show he loves his wife.  He has redeeming qualities.  “Highland Solution” successfully avoids some common romance pitfalls.  The story’s conflict is engaging. Puzzling through the raids, intrigue, and motivations hold one’s attention.  This historical romance has tear-jerking and funny moments to be enjoyed.  


Anna Fitzgerald