Highland Sky (Highland Outcasts Book 3)


Nash O’Keefe must pay retribution for the destruction of Old Callum’s Horn and Hoof Tavern. Callum is his grandfather, and he’s a stubborn old man who has established rules for his tavern. Nash accidentally set the place on fire, and his grandfather has sentenced him to assist the Mackenzie’s Clan in rebuilding their homes. They were attacked by the Sunderland’s and need to repair and rethatch their roofs. Nash is also ordered to marry the chieftain’s niece, Kellina. Kellina will do anything for her clan but marry Nash. Neither has any wish to marry the other, and are forced to go through with it. Kellina thinks Nash’s clan killed her parents and plans to kill him, but she finds herself wanting him instead. Is a happy endin possible for these two?

“Highland Sky” is a medieval Scotland romance that will have the reader laughing and crying. Elizabeth Rose has created complex characters and a very believable storyline. Although the reader will love the characters Nash and Kellina and the constant bickering and fighting between both, one may not feel a believable connection. One will also enjoy the secondary characters, especially Nash’s twin brother, and wish to learn of their punishment. This is book three in the Highland Outcast series and can be read as a standalone, but readers may find more enjoyment in this tale if the previous books in the series have been read first, giving more understanding and backround to the place and players. This is a fun and humorous read, but it’s also emotional at times as Nash and Kellina learn what really happened to their parents. A ood book to curl up with!

Victoria Zumbrum