Highland Silver (Highland Outcasts Book 4)


When Lady Matilda Montclair was six years old, her whole family is killed while hiding from an English traitor. While hiding, Matilda hurt the Englishman’s hand before she was rescued by her uncle. Matilda was then raised by her uncle and his family. Someday, Matilda plans to enact vengeance on those who destroyed her whole world. While Matilda is in town, she sees pirates trying to sell a silver goblet which used to be hers and manages to get it from them. North MacKeefe is tasked with finding the silver chalice that he took from his chieftain. His quest takes him to England and his supposed distant relations. North would do anything to get the cup, even seducing Matilda to get it. North thinks it will be easy until love gets in the way.

What an emotionally charged and nail-biting historical romance! The story is filled with many realistic, tragic, and humorous action-packed scenes. Many things, though, take place too quickly, making the story seem unbelievable too. Numerous plot holes cause the writing to feel choppy. There is a lack of character development so that it’s hard to connect with any character. Of course, the dog and the kids help, pretty much stealing the show. This book, being the last in the series, should be read in order and really doesn’t stand alone well. Matilda, the resilient yet tragic heroine and the greedy hero, North, act too modern. From Matilda’s tragedy and North’s banishment, the relationship happens at lightning speed. Ms. Elizabeth Rose nonetheless writes a charming book that is a satisfactory tale.

Roslynn Ernst