Highland Seer (Highland Talents, #2)


PARANORMAL:  While Clan Lathan Armsmaster Donal MacNabb is traveling to nearby clans in the hopes they will sign a treaty to protect all the clans in the event of Lowland invaders he and his group come across some lads in need of rescue from bandits. Since Clan MacKyrie is the last clan they planned to visit they hoped the Laird would be grateful for the rescue and more disposed to sign the treaty. However, when they get to the keep they discover the Laird is actually a woman. Ellie MacKyrie is indeed grateful for their help, but she has a counter-offer to propose. She wants Donal’s skill at arms to train her young men in exchange for signing the treaty. Will the stubborn Donal agree or will they return home empty-handed leaving Clan MacKyrie unprotected?


The lilting dialogue, the portrayal of life in early 1500s Scotland and the wonderful description of the vast and beautiful highlands really puts one in the center of the story. Donal is a strong and competent man, but stubborn. Maybe too much so, as the story slowed due to his mulishness. Ellie is a strong character, leading her clan as best she can in hard times. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it and she wants Donal. Not just for her clan, but for her. 


The tension in the story builds beautifully if a little slowly, but the culmination at the end is worth the wait. “Highland Seer” is a delightful highland romance!


Carol Conley