Highland Secrets (Secrets of The Hearts Series Book 1)


Fia Douglas has both English and Scottish blood in her and is being fostered in Northumberland, far away from her family who are still in Scotland. When she finds an injured Scot in the late queen’s secret garden, she finds herself thrust into a situation she never expected. War has broken out between Scotland and England, and Fia is not in a good situation. The Scot she finds saved her life years before, and when she helps him in return, the last thing she expects is for him to take her hostage. Laird Alistair MacPherson didn't want to take a woman hostage, but he had no choice. As they travel back to Scotland, their attraction for one another grows strong. Will they give into it?

The chemistry between Fia and Alistair starts the second they lay eyes on one another and intensifies the more time they spent together. Elizabeth Rose portrays her characters’ feelings so well they seem to come to life on the page. Their dialogue stands out, as it's perfect and accurate to the time period in which the book is set. An engaging plot keeps the story moving at a brisk pace, that will have readers whisking through this book in no time. As the first book in the series, it is a promising start. Fans of highland romance will enjoy this story and will want to keep an eye on this author for future books!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick