Highland Rising (The House of Pendray Book 4)


Faith Cameron has been fostered by the Pendray family for a few years. She was rescued by Gray Pendray after her father was executed for treason and her mother committed suicide, and she has never forgotten about him. For the last few years, Gray has been a spy for the Scottish Council. When he comes home, he sees how Faith has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. He can’t be distracted right now though. Word has it an uprising is brewing, and Gray now needs to infiltrate the group by spying again. He will need help. To have a good cover, he discovers that Faith will be posing as his wife. Gray is overwhelmed with the threat of an uprising, but now he’s worried for Faith’s safety and his own heart. 

What an incredible historical saga filled with political intrigue! The story is a little slow at the start and can be confusing if readers aren’t familiar with the previous books. However, the author makes up for it with wonderful character development and a complex plot. Faith starts out as meek and infatuated with Gray. She gradually builds up courage in a realistic manner and learns what love really is, making her the star of the story! The romantic tension between Faith and Gray creates a slow burn that readers will love. The best part is the full immersion into the story due to the detailed spy intrigue that keeps readers’ on their toes and the realistic language. Readers will love that there are so many layers to this historical romance!

Amanda Hupe