A Highland Knight to Remember (Highland Dynasty Series – Book Three)


Gyllis Campbell attends the Beltane Festival in the hopes of catching the eye of Sir Sean MacDougall. Everything seems to be going to plan until Sir Sean is called away on urgent family business. Gyllis’ luck worsens when she is struck down with a paralytic illness and is sent to Ardchattan Priory to recover. Her luck changes when Sir Sean visits by chance and makes it his mission to help Gyllis recover but more importantly, claim her as his wife. When a known enemy raises an army and sets Sean in his sights, both he and Gyllis put their fight and determination into helping one another overcome their obstacles. Even if it means going against Gyllis’ Brother and the rules of their clans. 

A hunky Highlander and a Scottish spitfire make for a fantastic love story that will leave one wanting to read more! Amy Jarecki adds the perfect blend of a strong heroine in need of some assistance, and her handsome knight willing to do anything to assist the woman he loves. 

“A Highland Knight to Remember” has the reader saying to themselves, “just one more chapter,” to find out if there is a happily ever after in a heart-racing journey through the glens of historic Scotland. Excellent description is given to the historical aspects of the book, and it’s well researched. The Gaelic references are spot on. Readers of this book will be keen to read other books from this fantastic author. This is definitely a Knight one will remember!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick