Reviews - Historical

Finding the Raven
Patty Dickson

Julia Dulac, the daughter of an actor in a theatre troupe, is forced to fend for herself after her father is murdered on stage.

REGENCY:  Katrina Needham is a saucy young lady in a time when ladies are meant to be seen, rather than heard. Keeping her tongue is not a skill she is very good at.

Francesca di Cammarata, spoiled niece of King Ruggero of Italy, finds herself trapped in the middle of a war zone. The Imperial Army has reached the walls of Termoli and will soon take control of the port city, thanks to the weak willed William of Loritello. Francesca finds herself a prisoner multiple times over, but deems to prove her loyalty, risks be damned.

Miriam Long steps off the train in Haskell, Wyoming and face to face with the man she was supposed to marry.

Brianna Dumont is desperate to clear her father’s good name and avoid trouble from back East, but to do that she needs to sell her father’s shares in a mine and convince the She