Reviews - Historical


Zacharias “Zach” Armstrong is a career military man in 1874 Texas. His expertise is called for regarding the murder of a local couple—a husband and wife in the employment of Johanna Gunter. While on the scene, Zach finds a baby that he decides to raise himself, earning many raised eyebrows in the social dictates of the time.

Lady Julia Castle is the daughter of a duke and a bluestocking! She is determined to live independently and help those less fortunate. Alonzo, Duke of Pridegate, is home in England after touring the Continent and intends to take up the mantle of his responsibilities. As a famed Verdi baritone there is no shortage of women chasing after him, but it is one woman he wants — Lady Julia.

At only eighteen, Lady Christin de Lohr is already a respected spy among Willam Marsh's recruits. When a plot against Prince John is discovered, Lady Christin accompanies her brother and several knights to discover what is afoot.

Roe is the captain of a pirate ship seeking revenge against the ship that killed his former captain and mates.

Tabitha Chesworth has been a bridesmaid three times and is keen to finally get her turn as the bride. She is starting to worry her time will never come when she meets the Duke of Axwick. The Duke has vowed never to marry or have children due to the troubled men in his lineage. However, like most men, he craves the touch of a woman, and Miss Tabitha Chesworth is just the woman.