Highland Knight of Rapture (Highland Dynasty Book 4) 



Lady Helen MacIan is unhappy in her marriage to Lord Alek, and with good reason.  Upon her failure to produce the all-important heir, his Lordship has taken up with one of the local lassies and isn’t even subtle about it.  Publicly humiliated and trapped in a loveless marriage, Helen does her best to handle the situation with dignity.

Eoin MacGregor, Chieftain of Clan Gregor has loved Lady Helen since they were children.  He tries to remain silent and aloof as Helen endures increasing abuse by her husband, but he is moved by circumstance to try and defend the woman he loves.

This story tells a sweetly romantic tale of a woman trapped in a loveless marriage by her station in life.  However, make no mistake; Helen is a gentle woman with a passionate nature and a will of iron.  It is these characteristics that imbue Helen with a relatable realism that reaches across the generations to women of today. 

Well researched, the story is told with such an attentiveness to detail that the rich culture of the thirteenth century is brought to life on the page. Although the story arc follows a predictable pattern, it does not take away from the reader’s enjoyment of the tale.  Well written, “Highland Knight of Rapture” is good escapist reading for those who love a little romance in their lives!

Gwenellen Tarbet