A Highland Knight’s Desire (Highland Dynasty #2)


Sir Duncan is sent to the Abbey to steal away Lady Meg. This is in order to keep her from being kidnapped by Northumberland which would result in a border war. Sir Duncan, a Highland Enforcer, does not expect to fall head over heels in love with Lady Meg. The beautiful lady does not realize how beautiful she really is; even with her deformed arm. Sir Duncan does not see her disability as a deformity but just a wonderful part of the wild, red-headed lass that has stolen his heart. He refuses to allow anyone to tear them apart and fights heroically for his Lady Meg.


Amy Jarecki has written a historically accurate, fictional love story that mirrors the 21st century in so many ways. Men may not always be as chivalrous as they were 400 years ago, but there are still men out there that when they find the love of their lives, they will do just about anything in order to protect and keep them safe. “A Highland Knight’s Desire” is the epitome of historical romance. It has a small tendency to be predictable in its plot, but it is not enough to take away from the masterful characters that melt hearts and steal sleep. 


Mary-Nancy Smith