Highland Honor – The Wild Thistle Trilogy Book 3


When Lady Honor is attacked in the forest, she keeps it to herself. She doesn't want to get anyone else hurt; as a healer, she has vowed to do no harm. She has also vowed to never marry after seeing how her father treated her mother. When reports of attacks are coming in, Lady Honor is given protection in the form of warrior, Bryce Calder. Bryce doesn't trust women. When he is asked to protect Lady Honor, he is not happy. He is supposed to be training the men, not escorting a woman to collect herbs. As they spend more time together, however, their feelings for one another begin to build, despite their beliefs. When a visitor arrives at the keep, Lady Honor's secret is threatened. Will Lady Honor and Bryce be able to put their fear of love behind them and give in to their feelings?

From page one, Madelyn Hill has given a fantastic highland romance that promises to take readers into the wilderness of the highlands and have them falling in love with the description of the surroundings and the array of characters. The sizzling tension between Lady Honor and Bryce turns this book into a real page turner. The dialogue, surroundings, and descriptions are spot-on for the time period. There are a couple of places where the pace slows down, but it soon picks back up and the story is off and running again. Highland romance fans will love this book! A great addition to the series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick