Highland Healer

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Toran, Laird of Clan Lathan, is being held prisoner by a ruthless enemy hell-bent on taking control of all of the Highlands. Aileana is also a prisoner, but not an ordinary one: she posses the power to heal.  She has kept her ability, along with her virtue, intact by convincing Colbridge, her captor, that if she is taken by any man she will lose her power. This keeps the men at bay until she meets Toran.  Battling his desire to posses her, he steals her from under Colbridge's nose and delivers her to Aerie, a fortress that has never been conquered. Aileana is safe behind these walls but is she safe from falling in love and giving herself to Toran?

The beginning of this unique story is somewhat slow and methodical. The story concentrates largely on the men and the war between them until about midway when the pace and excitement quicken. Toran is all man. Rough and tough on the exterior, but with a kind heart and a strong conscience. There is a subtle attraction between Aileana and Toran that is strong but not overpowering. More often than not, however, the reader feels Aileana's fear rather than her attraction and love for him. The wonderful setting in the Scottish highlands, along with the mix of valiant characters and a creatively robust storyline succeed in making it enjoyable.


Margaret Faria