Reviews - Historical

Geoffrey Hamilton is the grandson of a cruel religious zealot who is spitefully determined to deprive him of his rightful inheritance.  Geoffrey has plans for gaining vengeance and his inheritance—he’ll steal it from his grandfather as Gentleman Jack, a Robin Hood-type highwayman.  An arranged marriage to Anne Claimore throws a slight wrench into his plans, forcing him to play the society fop,

Overruled by Fate

Nathaniel and Madeline have been friends since childhood. Nate is the son of a servant; Madeline is the Lord's daughter. When Madeline's father arranges a marriage for her, she is heartbroken. Her feelings for Nate have grown and the feeling is mutual. When Nate is made the Captain of her guard, he accompanies Madeline and her new husband to their home.

In Spite of Lions

After the death of her beloved father and protector, Anna flees the machinations of her spiteful, abusive mother and boards the first ship leaving port that will give her passage.  Not knowing where she will land but yearning for a life of her own, Anna wholeheartedly embraces the adventure before her.  Upon landing in Africa with only Mary Livingston and her two young children as friends from

Grace Tupper’s husband stole her daughter and abandoned her to life alone. Unable to track her child, and now a widow, Grace agrees to become a mail-order bride to start again. Arriving in Freedom, Colorado Grace discovers her bid at a new life might provide her more choices than she expected, and that dreams do sometimes come true.

Jordan McCurdy cannot believe his sister is gone, so when an eccentric historian tells him that Sophie might not really be dead but actually living in another time, he puts on the cursed wedding dress in an attempt to save her. Unfortunately, things do not go as expected.