Highland Flame (Highland Outcasts Book 2)


When Yvaine’s brother finds her standing over the dead body of her abusive husband, he knows he has to get her out of the town fast if she is to keep her life and the life of her unborn babe. He seeks the counsel of the Highland Lord who happens to have a highlander, Cam MacKeefe, who needs a punishment. When the Highland Lord hears that Yvaine needs an escort to her other brother’s priory, Cam is sentenced to escort her and stay there to repent from his lustful ways. The punishment is extreme for Cam who is used to living a wild life. While at the priory, he is too often tempted by the luscious young widow Yvaine. If the truth comes out, will it set them free or tear them apart?

This highlander romance is fast paced and fun. Yvaine is hard working and easy to like. The problems come when this recently abused woman falls in lust and love so quickly, and allows herself to explore these feelings without hesitation. Cam is fun and spirited. He embodies the highlander spirit, and his witty banter brings a unique feel to the highlander world. Cam and Yvaine have a chemistry that can’t be denied. What starts as small flirtations quickly moves to steamy romps.  The original plotline to this story would be more satisfying if there was more; more time for them to learn to trust, more time to fall in love, more time to develop a relationship. If you want a quick summer romance read, this highlander tale is a great choice.

Cara Cieslak