Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone #1)

Tanya Anne

As was the custom in the Scottish Highlands long ago, marriages were simply an agreement made to better the position of both clans - sometimes without consideration to the potential pair. One would hope the young couple would grow to love and respect one another; however, pairings could also be a well-planned attempt at revenge for usurping a larger clan's status. The latter was true for Líleas MacLaren. As a young widow, she became a drain on her new laird's resources - coincidentally her brother-in-law. He paired her with the reclusive yet fearsome and powerful lord, Aidan dún Scoti Her soon-to-be betrothed is laird of a cloistered clan high in the Scottish mountains. Magic and mystery swirled in the air and off the breeze of the loch. With a mysterious illness, a reluctant love, and impending dangers from surrounding clans, the couple has to either hold onto their newly formed love or allow fear and doubt to dictate their future.

This book was magical from the very start - a curse and dramatic prologue set this reader on a fantastic journey filled with rolling hills, craggy rocks, lush pastures and simpler times! Lairds rule the land and women relied on the demands of others for their futures. Such a foreign decision for a modern woman, but the author spun such a detailed, complete web of prose that it was almost impossible not to feel part of the story. Everything from the characters to their dialogue as well as their struggles and politics were expertly woven into complex relationship between the main characters. Truly an easy and enjoyable read!

Amy Willis