Highland Escape

Cathy MacRae,
DD MacRae

Anna Braxton has had a rough few days. First she is forced to watch her family home destroyed by the bloody English. Then she is overwhelmed when her brother is cut down before her very eyes. She flees to the Highlands where she knows no one but hopes to find refuge with a willing clan. What she doesn’t expect is to be captured and imprisoned doing a good deed. But, as they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Anna finds this out the hard way when she rescues two damsels in distress. Their father captures her but what she comes to find out is that the brother to one of the girls melts her heart in ways she has never even fathomed.


The MacRae’s have done it again! They have created a world that draws the reader in and immerses them in a story that is full of life, struggles, love, and passion like no other. The characters are splendid. Anna is independent and strong without being ‘manly’. Duncan is chivalrous and all that a reader could want in a hero. Passion abounds between Duncan and Anna and leaves the reader with a warm afterglow that lasts for hours after putting the book down. “Highland Escape” is a great way to spend the afternoon and will keep a reader coming back for more!

Mary-Nancy Smith