Highland Courage


Since she was young, Mairead MacKenzie has been known as “Mackenzie's Mouse”.  She's kept the secret behind her timid nature from family and friends but her betrothal to Laird Tadhg Matheson forces her to face reality.  She must tell her husband-to-be of her shame and live with the consequences. Tadhg is a kind laird, and fair, but also tough and strong.  Now Mairead must try to not only overcome her fear of men, but find the strength to run the laird's home amid a clan that doesn't want to accept her.  Can Mairead's kind, quiet, gentle nature ever be strong enough to rise above her past? When that past comes back to haunt her, she may finally realize the strength she's found beside her brawny Highland husband.

The characterization of both Mairead and Tadhg really shines in this sweet and sexy historical.  There's much to be said for Tadhg's character, as he is the best kind of hero...tender and loving on one hand but fierce and strong enough to protect his loved ones on the other.  Mairead matches him in sweetness but complements him in temperament, and they fit together perfectly.  The romantic storyline wraps up fairly easily here...almost too quickly, and it felt rushed, as they had little time alone together in order to really get to know each other. The focus is on Mairead's healing and her journey to becoming a stronger person while proving her worth to those around her.  The pacing is slow and steady, and a sense of triumph comes from small accomplishments for this wonderful young woman!

Nicole Duke