Highland Burn (Guardians of Scotland #1)


PARANORMAL:  Abigale Bruce is promised in marriage to James, the Black Douglas by her father, Robert the Bruce. The Black Douglas is known to be a monster and she is terrified at the prospect. The Black Douglas is really a dragon and he must keep this a secret from Abigale. It is because of this secret that he has never wished to take a wife. It has also been taboo for a dragon to wed a mortal. The Douglas decides to mistreat Abigale to cause her to go running back to her father. His plan backfires when he falls in love with her and finds he needs to woo his bride.


This is a beautifully written love story, and an interesting twist on the old legend of  Robert the Bruce and the terrible Black Douglas. The dragon angle is very creative and the characters have lots of depth. The story stays true to Scottish Medieval history and this is much appreciated.  The reader, much like Abigale, did not enjoy the part where she is forced to deceive the priest. That goes against her character, even if Douglas had good intentions. The plot is complicated and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. 


Victoria Zak delivers a well-executed novel and a thrilling paranormal/highland romance!


Belinda Wilson