High Warrior (High Warriors of Rohan Book 1)

Le Veque

Bric MacRohan is High Warrior, fearsome leader of House of Winter’s war machine.  He scorns marriage until he is forced to wed the timid, beautiful Lady Eiselle de Gael.  Surprisingly, strong feelings for his wife develop quickly, but a grievous injury in battle and a terrible accident leaves him stricken. For the first time, Bric doubts himself as the High Warrior.  Can the faithful love of Bric’s arranged wife and his loyal friends help save his sanity and restore his confidence in himself?

“High Warrior” is gratifying medieval romance.  Bric and Eiselle are both compelling characters, their flaws only adding to their appeal.  Bric’s struggle with battle fatigue and guilt over a terrible accident is heartbreakingly immersive.  The intense, loving bond between Bric and Eiselle will appeal to diehard romantics.  Ms. Le Veque writes gritty action scenes showing the precarious life of a medieval knight. She pairs these with a view of the life of a knight’s wife — challenging in a different way because she has to be a strong support, despite the fear that her husband may never return home, or be grievously wounded from his duty as a fighter for King and Country. Ms. Le Veque's fans will enjoy revisiting past characters as she spotlights their caring for Bric through his convalescence, along with intriguing and impactful new characters.  The major issue with the story is Bric’s incredibly rapid recovery, considering how profound the trauma he experienced.  Otherwise, his journey to emotional wellness and the passionate romance between Bric and Eiselle make “High Warrior” a delightful read.  

Danielle Hill