Reviews - Historical

Claire Hastings has no intention of marrying. A lady of independent means with a career as a novelist, she is happy to remain single — until her brother dies. With no remaining family, a clause in her father's will is enacted, leaving her one month to marry or lose the estate.

Southern Sons

World War I was the "war to end all wars", and meant to end by Christmas. Unfortunately, for many in Australia it would change everything. In Blue Water Station, Oliver Grayson’s desire to join the military ignites the same wish in his brother and cousins, leaving his sister Tilly bereft and the boys facing great danger.

Saving Shadow

REGENCY:  The beautiful and lively Lady Elizabeth Beckett has a dark secret: born with perfect memory and trained in weaponry, she is also Shadow, England’s most effective and deadly spy. However, her double life is taking a toll and she is on the verge of a breakdown.

Jonas Braithwaithe has returned home to make peace with his grandfather. Now a respected sailor and businessman, he’s hoping to put to rest his reputation as the small town’s leading troublemaker, but trouble (and scandal) has a habit of following him. He barely arrives home when he interrupts a housebreaking – and discovers a luscious young woman in his bedchamber.

Since Troy de Wolfe’s wife died in a tragic accident in the Scottish borderlands of the 1270’s, the massive English nobleman, second son of the powerful de Wolfe family, has had a grim view of the world.  When he is called upon to fight one on one against the best warrior from the powerful Kerr clan, he has no idea of the adventure that awaits him.