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Brennain has longed to hold Morna, the love of his heart, once again ever since he left Miathi, their small village. For two years, they have yearned to be reunited, but when King Tuathal sends Brennain on a new mission to Miathi, he discovers Morna is married and has a child.

It's 1976 and an unexpected encounter brings Nick Vitale face-to-face with Karen Dombrowski, the only woman he has ever loved. Eight years earlier, Karen and Nick eloped and a few months later, Nick volunteered for Vietnam. In December 1967, he shipped out. While there, he received his divorce papers, which he never signed, and soon after, he lost his legs.

Flynn Mac Greine is a trusted spy and scout for King Tuathal in ancient Ireland, known in this series as Eriu.

Dark Steel
Le Veque

Oblate (pre-vows nun) Grier de Lara, knight Dane Stoneley de Russe, and warlord Davies ap Madoc form an unrequited love triangle with elements spun from Shakespearean tragedy, a fairytale improvement of circumstances, and poetic influences from “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes mixed with dynamic battle scenes set in the Welsh Marches in the 1500s.

Lady Mairi MacGregor is engaged to Laird Patrick MacEwan, but she’s in love with Laird Aaron MacRae. The family feud between the MacGregors and MacRaes started a year earlier and adds to the complications in this tug of war between duty and desire. Mairi’s and Aaron’s siblings’ concern for their happiness is pivotal.