High Country Spring (Las Morenas #3)


Francisca Moreno is the youngest daughter of the Moreno family, and determined to prove she is just as capable as her older brother of handling life on the ranch. Her mother is just as determined to turn her into the lady she is meant to be. Felipe Ortega watches over her with the love that he keeps a secret. He has known much pain and loss, and though Franny feels that he is trying to control her she can't deny her attraction for him. When their desires finally get the best of them their only solution is to get married. Convinced that it is not true love, Franny proposes a marriage of convenience until a possible tragedy awakens their true feelings for each other.


Felipe is an intense character and it takes some time to win the reader over. He slowly begins to show his tender side which is his saving grace, however late in the story that it is. Franny is as expected, a spoiled and a willful character, yet her strength and courage is very appealing. Together they initially lack some spark yet they do grow into a fiery and romantic couple experimenting with masturbation and a hot attraction to each other that send fireworks in every direction. Their loving and honest relationship develops just as the story begins to take an adventurous turn. Regardless of a somewhat slow train ride the final destination is worth the emotional and exhilarating journey it takes to get there!


Margaret Faria