Reviews - Historical

In “The Earl’s Wagered Bride,” the Countess of Marsden has invited every person of standing to her renowned Christmas party, with seven days and nights of frolicking, gossiping and match-making. Her three nieces, the Craymore sisters, who lost their fortune at the hands of their gambling, alcoholic father, are now forced to live at their aunt’s house.

For years Prudence Pertwee has been crossing onto the Duke of Pembroke’s lands with her birdwatching ladies to catch a sight of the rare local birds and to study all of their habits. As the new Duke of Pembroke, Bhrodi de Shera has made it his mission to stop Prudence from exploring the dangerous cliffs on his property.

The legend of Guinevere gets a new makeover in this fanciful rendition. The story opens with Guinevere escaping Camelot with Lancelot. She is severely burned from head to toe on one side of her body, plucked from burning at the stake—supposedly on Arthur’s order.

Isabella rides her horse the 50 miles to London to find David Fitzwilliam, because her mother told her to find him should anything happen to her. She finds him at “The Elegant Courtesan”, a brothel he owns. She tells David she saw her father murder her mother and she fears for her life!

VICTORIAN/WESTERN:  An explosion and fire destroy the Gold King mine outside of Wildcat Ridge, leaving most women in town widows. The town owner, Mortimer Crane, has proclaimed he will not renew leases to businesses run by women. Everyone must pay him monies owed him in three months or he will tear down the town. The ladies devise a solution — they will entice men to town and marry them.