Hidden No More( A Lady Forsaken #4)


REGENCY:  Lady Ellington has been hidden away from high society her entire life by an abusive father who never wanted her. Only after the Marquis passes away can she become the mistress of her own house, free from his grasp - until a missive arrives from her father’s solicitor for the new Marquis, a man she’s never met. With only her father’s dying words to trust the stable boy, Ellie must decide who to trust. Alex does not know why Lady Ellington has taken an interest in him, but he cannot refuse her request. However, when helping Ellie reveals he is a duke, the truth could either cost them everything or set them free.


The fourth book in the “A Lady Forsaken” series, this is the story of Andrew and Lorelei’s children from book two. After the tragedies of the previous story, this tale ties up the loose ends, and provides a happier ending. However, the attraction between Alex and Ellie doesn’t really spark. The romance is a bit slow, with the main conflict centering only on miscommunication. Further, the plot tends to drag on, making the story seem to have been better suited to a novella rather than a full-length novel. Still, it is nice to see characters from previous books again, and lovers of historical romance will enjoy seeing Alex’s rags to riches story.


Sarah E. Bradley