Hidden Hart


Major Devon Hart’s scarred face makes it certain he will never again seduce any woman he wants. Horrified, he withdraws from society, becoming a night-time vigilante. When he saves the beautiful Lady Atalanta from two ruffians, he finds himself unable to face the angel that’s stolen his heart. And yet, no matter what he does, this time, he cannot walk away. Lady Atalanta wants to do more with her life than attend balls and gossip among women. But her dream of becoming a surgeon does not fit with what society demands. Only when she’s saved by a mysterious masked man does her world begin to open up, making her think everything, including a marriage filled with love, is possible.

With elements of Cyrano de Bergerac and Beauty and the Beast, “Hidden Hart” provides a passionate escape for those who love the meeting of two souls. Though Hart’s womanizing past might annoy some readers, he proves himself fully in love with Lady Atalanta. Also, he’s further redeemed when he realizes the pain he’s caused the men around him through his dear friend Fossett, and truly feels remrose for his past actions. Lady Atalanta is very kind under her socially acceptable mask, with a true love for medicine and a sharp mind that quickly sees through the games those around her play. With a sweet, dramatic ending, “Hidden Hart” is sure to please fans of historical romance.

Amanda Carlisle