Hero of My Heart (Those Regency Remingtons, Book 3)


Ten years ago, Miss Tabitha Carter was forced to give up the love of her life and marry his cousin, an abusive and violent man with a fortune. Now a skittish widow, she’s terrified that either her husband will return from the grave or worse, the men he angered before his death will turn their wrath on her. To protect her children, she seeks out Christopher Remington, her former love and now a professional boxer for help. Christopher knows Tabitha can do better. After losing his estate, his factory, his place in society, and his one and only love, he’s barely surviving by the strength of his fists. But he would never allow anyone to harm Tabitha if given the choice, even if it means torturing himself with the past. Reclaiming themselves after a decade apart will take work, but a love still shared might just be the answer.

A sweet and clean Regency romance, this story takes two people heavily scarred by the past and those close to them and brings them together in an intense situation. Full of anger, fear, and hints of past love, this a second chance story begins by tugging at the heartstrings and continues to weave them together throughout. Although the ending is obvious and the pace is slowed a bit due to the nature of the conflict, the story lightly tackles overcoming past abuse and the forgiveness for oneself it requires. Supporting the conflict, the romance remains light and sweet, a journey of remembering a long-awaited love rather than the passion of a new one. Overall, it’s a delightful book for any Regency lover.

Sarah E Bradley