Her Wild Highlander (Highland Bodyguards Book 8)


Kieran MacAdams is a fierce warrior, and belongs to a group whose primary goal is to protect King Robert the Bruce. However, there is a threat to the Lady Vivienne, a lady in the French Court. She risked her life to prevent an assassination attempt on Robert the Bruce. Kieran is worried for Lady Vivienne’s safety and demands that he bring her to Scotland. Lady Vivienne has spent the last seven years trying to maintain a certain position in order to secure a good marriage. When Kieran shows up to protect her, it threatens all that she has planned. The more time they spend together, the more they realize their growing feelings for each other. Will Kieran be able to protect her without losing his heart?

This book is absolutely impossible to put down! The story is filled with action, suspense and romance that will have readers swooning. The fact that the book brings to life historical figures makes this tale so much more believable. Those who love historical romance will absolutely adore this story. The two main characters steal the show and have great emotional depth! Kieran is a strong, tortured soul and really tugs at the reader's heartstrings. Vivienne puts on airs; however, she does this to protect herself. She is clever, strong and just looking to protect her heart. There is never a dull moment and the pacing works perfectly.  This book truly shows that love can heal all wounds. Readers will lose their hearts in the Highlands with this beautiful romance!

Amanda Hupe