Her Vanquished Land

Scott Lewis

The Revolutionary War is raging through all the Colonies and both sides are suffering massive losses. Rowena Marsh is a headstrong loyalist. Desperate to do her part, she begins spying for the King. Her cousin James introduces her to a fellow spy and Welshman, Derec Pritchard. Even though she is attracted to Derec, her work for her country comes first. She dresses as a boy to intercept and translate enemy messages. As the war continues, it hits closer to home, putting her family in danger. They must flee South as the Rebels gain the upper hand in the war. Derec leaves on a spy mission, but will they be separated forever? Rowena is willing to risk it all for love, family, and her King.

What a unique historical fiction! Everyone is familiar with fictional stories that takes place during The Revolutionary War, but it isn’t often one reads a book that shows the British point-of-view. It truly gives a unique perspective, showing how the war affected both sides and how all families, whether Revolutionary or loyalist, experienced tragedy. Rowena is a star! She is brave and not willing to stand aside while the men fight. Bless Derec Pritchard who loves Rowena for who she is. Their chemistry is fabulous. There are some moments that felt repetitive. When Rowena wants to spy and the men say no but she goes anyway happens multiple times throughout the book. About two-thirds of the way through the pacing slows. The ending does pick up, but wraps up too quickly. However, the historical detail is accurate and informative. Readers will love to read this alternative view of American history. 

Amanda Hupe