Her Scandalous Wish (A Waltz with a Rogue Novellas)


REGENCY:  Philomena Pomfrett is on the fringe of society, trying to make a decent marriage for herself during her one and only season. She’s insecure about her looks after surviving a fire - she believes her body is marred by burns. The only men who offer for her, however, are none she wants a marriage with until her first love, Bradford, finds her again. Without him knowing her true identity, she enjoys his kiss, but when they are caught in a compromising position, Philomena’s dying brother demands Bradford marry her. Can they rekindle their love if they are each forced into a marriage the other may not want?


The main characters in this novella were very sympathetic. They both suffered with the lies and misunderstandings that led to the loss of the other and are trying to hide their true feelings at having been reunited. The beginning of the story is a page-turner as Philomena’s identity is revealed to Bradford, but their story stalls there as all attention is turned to the dying brother. Readers will wish for more details beyond the sentence or two of how Philomena and Bradford get reacquainted while the brother recuperates. Their story arc is eventually picked up again, however, and readers get glimpses of how their young love now has a chance to mature into something much deeper.  Near the end there is a surprising twist that keeps the tension going before we get to the happily-ever-after, rounding out a spirited second-chance romance that readers will enjoy. 


Kate Campbell