Her Highland Rogue (Wild Highland Guardian #1)


Aileana has always been an outsider among the people of the Clan MacRae. Having been found at the gates of the MacRae keep when she was ten years old and without any memory of where she came from, she is taunted and ridiculed. When Broc, one of the laird's captains makes untoward advances, she flees the keep and finds herself in the cave of a seer. Errol MacRae is tasked to find and bring Aileana home. When he finds her in the seer's cave, something changes. Aileana is not anymore the young girl who followed him wherever he went or who served him with trenchers of food and ale. She is now a beauty and Errol’s heart suddenly stands up and takes notice.


Set in the Scottish Highlands, the love between the two protagonists is as sweeping as the land. The author intersperses the dialogue with dry, bawdy wit among the male characters adding to the color and sense of place. One is likely to be transported into the setting as though they were jumping inside the pages of the book and experiencing what it was like to live in time where women were treated like chattel but yet, where love conquered all. There is also a twist in the tale that keeps one guessing which brings this romance to a final and satisfying conclusion.


Many readers of highland romances will definitely give this book a revered place in their bookshelves for this is a story one will enjoy again, and again, and again.


MP Ceja